1. See what your followers think of you.

    1. Black: I would date you.
    2. Green: I think you’re cute.
    3. Blue: You are my tumblr crush.
    4. Grey: I wish you would notice me.
    5. Purple: I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
    6. Teal: We have a lot in common.
    7. Yellow: FUCK ME, LET'S FUCK.
    8. Orange: I don’t like your blog.
    9. Brown: I don’t like you.
    10. Pink: I think you are unattractive.
    11. Red: I hate you with a burning passion.
    12. White: Marry me.

  2. "Fuck, my tea."
    — me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)

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    i just woke up and honestly i would not recommend it

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    you know when i die i’ll probably just be in the afterlife blogging like 

    "heaven has no free wi-fi? fuck this shit i’m going to hell"

    how do you know hell has wifi

    satan owes me several favors

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    *cares more about TV show characters and their problems than my own*

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  6. agirlnamedally:

    *leans off the bed to reach laptop charger*


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    Carbohydrates. Close enough.

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  8. "200 things you can put in my ask
    200: My crush’s name is:
    199: I was born in:
    198: I am really:
    197: My cellphone company is:
    196: My eye color is:
    195: My shoe size is:
    194: My ring size is:
    193: My height is:
    192: I am allergic to:
    191: My 1st car was:
    190: My 1st job was:
    189: Last book you read:
    188: My bed is:
    187: My pet:
    186: My best friend:
    185: My favorite shampoo is:
    184: Xbox or ps3:
    183: Piggy banks are:
    182: In my pockets:
    181: On my calendar:
    180: Marriage is:
    179: Spongebob can:
    178: My mom:
    177: The last three songs I bought were?
    176: Last YouTube video watched:
    175: How many cousins do you have?
    174: Do you have any siblings?
    173: Are your parents divorced?
    172: Are you taller than your mom?
    171: Do you play an instrument?
    170: What did you do yesterday?
    [ I Believe In ]
    169: Love at first sight:
    168: Luck:
    167: Fate:
    166: Yourself:
    165: Aliens:
    164: Heaven:
    163: Hell:
    162: God:
    161: Horoscopes:
    160: Soul mates:
    159: Ghosts:
    158: Gay Marriage:
    157: War:
    156: Orbs:
    155: Magic:
    [ This or That ]
    154: Hugs or Kisses:
    153: Drunk or High:
    152: Phone or Online:
    151: Red heads or Black haired:
    150: Blondes or Brunettes:
    149: Hot or cold:
    148: Summer or winter:
    147: Autumn or Spring:
    146: Chocolate or vanilla:
    145: Night or Day:
    144: Oranges or Apples:
    143: Curly or Straight hair:
    142: McDonalds or Burger King:
    141: White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate:
    140: Mac or PC:
    139: Flip flops or high heals:
    138: Ugly and rich OR sweet and poor:
    137: Coke or Pepsi:
    136: Hillary or Obama:
    135: Burried or cremated:
    134: Singing or Dancing:
    133: Coach or Chanel:
    132: Kat McPhee or Taylor Hicks:
    131: Small town or Big city:
    130: Wal-Mart or Target:
    129: Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler:
    128: Manicure or Pedicure:
    127: East Coast or West Coast:
    126: Your Birthday or Christmas:
    125: Chocolate or Flowers:
    124: Disney or Six Flags:
    123: Yankees or Red Sox:
    [ Here’s What I Think About ]
    122: War:
    121: George Bush:
    120: Gay Marriage:
    119: The presidential election:
    118: Abortion:
    117: MySpace:
    116: Reality TV:
    115: Parents:
    114: Back stabbers:
    113: Ebay:
    112: Facebook:
    111: Work:
    110: My Neighbors:
    109: Gas Prices:
    108: Designer Clothes:
    107: College:
    106: Sports:
    105: My family:
    104: The future:
    [ Last time I ]
    103: Hugged someone:
    102: Last time you ate:
    101: Saw someone I haven’t seen in awhile:
    100: Cried in front of someone:
    99: Went to a movie theater:
    98: Took a vacation:
    97: Swam in a pool:
    96: Changed a diaper:
    95: Got my nails done:
    94: Went to a wedding:
    93: Broke a bone:
    92: Got a peircing:
    91: Broke the law:
    90: Texted: hour ago
    [ MISC ]
    89: Who makes you laugh the most:
    88: Something I will really miss when I leave home is:
    87: The last movie I saw:
    86: The thing that I’m looking forward to the most:
    85: The thing im not looking forward to:
    84: People call me:
    83: The most difficult thing to do is:
    82: I have gotten a speeding ticket:
    81: My zodiac sign is:
    80: The first person i talked to today was:
    79: First time you had a crush:
    78: The one person who i can’t hide things from:
    77: Last time someone said something you were thinking:
    76: Right now I am talking to:
    75: What are you going to do when you grow up:
    74: I have/will get a job:
    73: Tomorrow:
    72: Today:
    71: Next Summer:
    70: Next Weekend:
    69: I have these pets:
    68: The worst sound in the world:
    67: The person that makes me cry the most is:
    66: People that make you happy:
    65: Last time I cried:
    64: My friends are:
    63: My computer is:
    62: My School:
    61: My Car:
    60: I lose all respect for people who:
    59: The movie I cried at was:
    58: Your hair color is:
    57: TV shows you watch:
    56: Favorite web site:
    55: Your dream vacation:
    54: The worst pain I was ever in was:
    53: How do you like your steak cooked:
    52: My room is:
    51: My favorite celebrity is:
    50: Where would you like to be:
    49: Do you want children:
    48: Ever been in love:
    47: Who’s your best friend:
    46: More guy friends or girl friends:
    45: One thing that makes you feel great is:
    44: One person that you wish you could see right now:
    43: Do you have a 5 year plan:
    42: Have you made a list of things to do before you die:
    41: Have you pre-named your children:
    40: Last person I got mad at:
    39: I would like to move to:
    38: I wish I was a professional:
    [ My Favorites ]
    37: Candy:
    36: Vehicle:
    35: President:
    34: State visited:
    33: Cellphone provider:
    32: Athlete:
    31: Actor:
    30: Actress:
    29: Singer:
    28: Band:
    27: Clothing store:
    26: Grocery store:
    25: TV show:
    24: Movie:
    23: Website:
    22: Animal:
    21: Theme park:
    20: Holiday:
    19: Sport to watch:
    18: Sport to play:
    17: Magazine:
    16: Book:
    15: Day of the week:
    14: Beach:
    13: Concert attended:
    12: Thing to cook:
    11: Food:
    10: Restaurant:
    9: Radio station:
    8: Yankee candle scent:
    7: Perfume:
    6: Flower:
    5: Color:
    4: Talk show host:
    3: Comedian:
    2: Dog breed:
    1: did you answer all these truthfully ?
    YES YES YES?!?! ANY OF THEM!?!?!? ALL OF THEM!?!???!?!

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    Ask ask ask please I’m bored.

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    *throws lamp at you* you need to lighten the fuck up

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    Eye Button Artwork by Elodie Antoine

    I need all of my shirts like this

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    Painted Eyebrow Trends in Tang Dynasty

    This is a chart showing different eyebrow trends in the Tang Dynasty. It’s based on a chart in Chinese Clothing by Hua Mei and Gao Chunming (2004), on pg 37. I wanted to create a chart that had the eyebrows on faces.

    Interesting notes

    "Women of the Tang Dynasty paid particular attention to facial appearance, and the application of powder or even rouge was common practice. Some women’s foreheads were painted dark yellow and the dai (a kind of dark blue pigment) was used to paint their eyebrows into different shapes that were called dai mei(painted eyebrows) in general. There were literally a dozen ways to pait the eyebrows and between the brows there was a colourful decoration called hua dian, which was made of specks of gold, silver and emerald feather.” (5000 Years of Chinese Costume, 77)

    "…during the years of Yuanho in the reign of Xuanzong the system of costumes changed, and women no longer applied red powder to their faces; instead, they used only black ointment for their lips and made their eyebrows like like the Chinese character ‘’." (5000 Years of Chinese Costume, 77)

    The black lipstick style “was called the ‘weeping makeup’ or ‘tears makeup’.” (Chinese Clothing by Hua Mei, 37)


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    been queued for the 1st day of spring for nearly a year, holla

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